Latex Allergy

Allergy to latex commonly occurs in individuals with spina bifida. It first became evident in the late 1980’s. Experts think that up to 73%  of children with spina bifida have a problem with latex. The reason is unclear but may have to do with too much contact with latex due frequent  surgeries, shunt revisions, and other allergies.

Latex can be found in many things,so the FDA  requires  labeling medical supplies that have natural rubber in them. Other places where latex can be found are:

  • bananas                                    passion fruit
  • rubber bands                         avocados
  • chestnuts                                 melons
  • erasers                                       soles of shoes
  • gloves                                          celery
  • balloons                                     wheelchair tire inner-tubes
  • kiwi                                               condoms
  • bandages

Signs of an allergic reaction include:

  • watery and itchy eyes                 a hard time breathing
  • sneezing and coughing               rash or hives
  •   swelling of the wind pipe         life-threatening collapse
  •                                                                    of blood circulation

You can avoid a latex allergy by staying away from items that contain latex or latex powder. The powder can get into the air and can breathed in by a person or land on their skin.

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